Spin the Dial is a LA based production company by Candice Knutson and Robert Nachman. We make wedding films, music videos, documentaries, and narrative films!


I love Malibu, I love weddings, and I love adorable people who have known each other since they were kids at camp. So this wedding was a pretty perfect fit for me to film ;) Sasha and Mikey are the most fun and loving people! They met at this gorgeous Malibu hillside Jewish summer camp when they were kids. It was a beautiful pilgrimage to the top of the hill for their ceremony. We were being lead by her brother playing guitar and singing Beatles songs. After breaking the glass everyone danced the night away under the dark blue cloudless sky.


JD and Eric are two incredible forces of nature and a couple of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. Their entire wedding was centered around family and many hilarious jokes. They both work for various film festivals across the country and met while working at one several years ago. They were married on a gorgeous winter day in the Palm Springs desert. We stand behind JD and Eric and believe that Love is Love. Congrats you guys! (And to your little dog too ;)



These two people are so inspiring to me. They are both working so hard in medical school and the love that they have for each other and their families is incredible. They had a beautiful blend of American and Indian wedding traditions in their wedding at the Alexandra Ballroom in DTLA. Devan also showed off his awesome guitar skills and performed a sing along to Oasis's 'Wonderwall" that got everyone singing. I cried happy years every time I was working on this film.


Sarah and Joey were married on a fall day in the mystical mountains of Topanga Canyon, California. Joey is an acclaimed DJ and Sarah has one of the biggest hearts I've met. I loved how focused their ceremony was on each other and her Dad's speech made me laugh! Their ceremony and reception was at the 1909 venue with Tasteful Tatters designing and coordinating the entire event. I am in love with her dress from Grace Loves Lace, it really captured the easy breezy boho spirit of Topanga.


We had a fantastic time hanging with these two on their wedding day at BRICK in San Diego. Really interesting industrial but rustic venue and the couple was a blast to be with, radiating love for one another throughout the day. They were so laid back and had the most fun toasts and dancing with their families. We both felt really lucky to be apart of their wedding celebration.


Anna and Ted were married on a fall day in the grand space of Vibiana in DTLA. They each had so much love and support from so many friends and family, some of who traveled from half way around the world to be there. Anna incorporated her Persian roots into the ceremony as well, it was so much fun to witness her family tradition of Raghseh Chagoo, or the cake knife dance. Ted had to bring cash to the wedding party who "stole" the cake knife and try to appease them to give it back so he could cut the cake! His American friends got in on the cake knife dance too and took to it like pros. With a live band there was so much impressive dancing from family members young and old and women dressed in stunning gowns. Anna and Ted were so down to earth and I feel so lucky to have been there. I am so o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with Anna's dress! The incredible thing is, it was the second dress she chose because the first one was not ready in time! Thank you again for letting me film your wedding and I'm sending so much love to you both.


Lisa and Rodrigo met in the same city in Spain that Lisa's parents met in years ago. Their wedding was a stunning event at the LA River Center where they really paid homage and love to their many friends and family who traveled from across seas to be there with them. I had so much fun filming these two because they were so laid back and really seemed to be in the moment and appreciate the best part of any wedding day, coming together with the people they love.


I got to really connect with Heather before the wedding and I am just so impressed by her wonderful energy and talents. Philip's vows brought me to tears while editing this, everyone could not stop talking about what a stand up man he is! They are both so much fun and their bridal party was always making me laugh and you can tell how much they adore the couple. They got married in a beautiful backyard wedding in Pasadena at Philip's family home. Heather wore a unique wedding dress from Free People, which I absolutely adored! With a baby on the way, good friends, and amazing tacos it was such a wonderful night and I am so happy to have been there to film (and do some dancing of course ;) Congrats you guys! I can't wait to meet the little one!


I had the privilege of filming the wedding of Destinee and Brandon. These two are such poets with their vows and have the biggest hearts. Her family is Nigerian and their formal clothes were so beautiful. Everyone danced so much and it was at a new favorite venue of mine in Long Beach, CA called "The Loft on Pine"
Pop The Champagne was the wedding coordinator for the days events, https://popthechampagneevents.com/
and I also got to work alongside the very talented photographer, Jonny Hargrove http://www.jonnyhargroveweddings.com/
Congrats to these two beautiful people, I wish them all the love in the world


Nicole and David were married at the Bel Air Country club in Malibu, CA. She was wearing a dress that had been in her family for generations, each woman who wears it had it altered and changed to suit their personality. Their wedding was so elegant and timeless with vows exchanged by the fireplace.


We always feel so honored to work on a wedding film for someone that has such a discerning eye for weddings and is in the wedding business! Nicci works for the great company Wedding Wire and we really enjoyed filming every beautiful detail that she had executed. Her and Jeff we're married in San Diego on a beautiful day in June 2016. Rob was the sole videographer capturing the day's events and Candice served as the editor to bring it all together.


Taylor's mom gave one of the most incredible and heartfelt speeches we've ever heard any mother of the bride give. These two we're so generous with their love, good food, and amazing dancing! The event was at the Temecula Creek Inn and had a perfect fall air surround the night.


Morgan and Dave were so much fun to work with throughout planning their wedding, they have this fantastic energy to be around.  Rob, unfortunately had to be out of town for Morgan & Dave's wedding and in his my place Candice and Paul filled in. But he had this to say about his experience solely editing the project, "Editing this wedding gave me the opportunity to see things a bit differently. Oftentimes when I film a wedding I'm so focused on the individual events of the day, capturing them in a particular manner that I forget I'm even at a wedding. I can lose sight of the fact that this is something these people and families have thought about for a very long time and this is it, coming together, and the emotions are very real." - Robert Nachman.


Through Love all that is bitter will sweet
Through Love all that is copper will be gold.
Through Love all dregs will turn to purest wine
Through Love all pain will turn to medicine. ~ Rumi

The Four Seasons in Santa Barbara played host to the joining together of Poolak + Zach in front of their family and friends. This wedding was so much fun to be a part of, the couple looked sensational throughout the day basking in the beautiful light of Santa Barbara. The entire day was exquisitely planned by Nam Lam and his team at Modern LA Weddings.


Sasha + Jason's Wedding (entitled) #SobFest2014 was a remarkable celebration of two families coming together. The couple had beautiful and hysterical toasts given by the wedding party as well as amazing musical performances. As the couple shared their vows at The Fig House before family and friends, I looked at over at Candice (filming) and she was fully crying at the magnitude of their words and the love we were witnessing. I want to thank Sash and Jason for having to us to film their wedding.


Lauren and Matt had an impeccable wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn in what lived up to the billing as "the coolest and most intimate wedding of the century". The story of how these two came into each others is really special and it is instantaneous to see how perfect this couple is for one another.


Every once and a while Candice and I get to film a couple where almost immediately we feel as though we've been friends for years. It isn't hard to fall in love with Alex + Stephen and their love for one another, these are most definitely two charming individuals. To get to spend the day with these two for their wedding was really remarkable to witness them experience the wedding they had planned for months and get to view their love which appears to effortless.


They were married on a breezy spring day in Long Beach, CA. They had this amazing catholic ceremony in the church they grew up in. We don't often get to film catholic ceremonies but this one was very special to witness along side so many of their family and friends. Arlyn and Edsel were both so easy going and wonderful to work for. 


A girl from Michigan and a boy from Israel met as counselors at Camp Hilltop in Malibu over ten years ago and now joining hands in marriage. The couple brought friends and family from across the world to share in their camp experience overlooking the sprawling Pacific Ocean. It was truly special to be able to spend time with Susan & Nadav's family over the course of the weekend and witness firsthand their love for one another.


Yvette and Julien's story started over 7 years on the campus of UC-Irvine and took them to places near and far. Sometimes filming weddings doesn't feel like work, I just have to try my best to not miss moments that feel sincere or honest. With Yvette and Julien the day was filled with these moments, the vows they shared with one another and hearing the stories told about the couple reminded me what I love so much in filming wedding.


Michael and Lisa had an outrageously beautiful wedding celebration in Napa Valley at Calistoga Ranch Vineyards. It was our first time in the region and we immediately saw what all the hub-bub was about as the scenery was exquisite. The couple was pretty exquisite too, in fact they had an easiness about themselves that made their wedding all the more enjoyable.


Overlooking the Pacific in Rancho Palos Verdes, Katelyn and Andrew tied the knot in front of family and friends. The venue was spectacular and the couple looked incredible with the wind blowing through their hair as they shared their vows with one another.