Love Letter to Los Angeles / Super 8mm

I started shooting on real 35mm still photography film in 1999 and when I got the chance to switch to motion film while studying at UCLA it was such a dream. This is a little personal experimental film shot using both Black & White and expired color Fuji Film. I think many people feel that shooting on real film is not affordable. That is what is awesome about Super8! Its still an inexpensive (but oh-so-cool) option to shoot on that really dosen't break the bank creating something with so much life.






Married aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It was a night of elegance, art deco, and some incredible dancing! Melanie is an Emmy award winning make up artist and I was so honored that she trusted me to capture her day! I scanned these negatives full frame to truly appreciate the edges of the film





Karmela + Julian / Super 8mm

Everything about this wedding I loved and I adore this couple even more. From the moment we met over a year before their wedding we were always laughing and making memories. Shooting Super8mm film for them was such a treat and Karmela looked great in every light! I did some experimenting with a higher ISO film for the indoor night time dancing stuff and it picked up the lights from cellphones and the DJ's uplighting in a really beautiful way.





Alex + John / Super 8mm

They were married on a warm fall day at the Merv Griffin estate near Palm Springs, California. Alex claims that she is "awkward" in front of the camera, but I couldn't disagree more! They were such a blast to work with! Palm trees, a gorgeous couple, and throwing down to "Shut up and Dance with me" What more can you ask in a wedding?! 



Cat + Nick / Super 8mm

Shot on color Super 8mm, this is a fun add-on film created for Cat and Nick's wedding. We shot in LA with their adventurous spirits and plenty of mimosas.




MISS DAKOTA / B&W Super 16mm

Director / Editor / Cinematographer - Candice Nachman

Dakota is a force of nature. She is a professional burlesque dancer based in LA. I shot this film entirely on on actual film in a sound stage and at a live event in a club in Hollywood. The music is all live music from her companion Trumpet player and band.

Shot on 16mm B&W / Short Documentary film /  2 Days of Production