Director / Editor / Producer- Candice Nachman
Director of Photography / Producer - Robert Nachman

We created this promo documentary for Crown Collective owner, Carolyn Brown. She makes the most incredible flower crowns and hosts crown making bars at big events like Coachella. This film served to be an introduction to Carolyn's story and her amazing craft. We also made 3 thirty second companion teasers of this film.

Shot on SONY FS7 / 1 day of Production


Director / Editor / Cinematographer - Candice Nachman
Assistant Camera - Ariel Aboody

Clara Berta is an abstract painter based in DTLA. She commissioned Spin the Dial to create this short commercial documentary talking about her life and her art.
Shot on Canon C100 M II / 1 Day of Production


Cinematographer - Robert Nachman

This is one of the many films that we have produced for the Crossroads School in Santa Monica. The school is focused on creating a education rooted in social justice and an interconnected life with all races, creeds and classes.

Shot on Canon / 1 Day of Production


Director / Editor / Cinematographer - Candice Nachman

Dakota is a force of nature. She is a professional burlesque dancer based in LA. I shot this film entirely on on actual film in a sound stage and at a live event in a club in Hollywood. The music is all live music from her companion Trumpet player and band.

Shot on 16mm B&W / 2 Days of Production


Director - Balbinka Korzeniowska
Cinematographer / Editor - Candice Nachman

We created this short documentary for True Tattoo in Hollywood. You might recognize the woman getting the tattoo as a leading contestant on VH1's "The Shot" Intended to be like a short film, it has no dialog only the haunting music and vibrations from the tattoo machine.

Shot on Canon / 1 Day of ProductionPhotography / Editor: Candice Rose Knutson Sound: Sam Icklow